Safer Sex

Make a choice for your sexual health:

Where to find free safer sex supplies on campus:

  • Undergraduates: Condoms and lubrication can be found in residential college entryways, and from CCEs and FroCos.

  • Graduate and Professional Students: Condoms are located in room 124 of the McDougal Center (320 York St) from the McDougal Health & Wellness Fellows.

  • Other campus locations: Student Wellness* at Yale Health, the Women’s Center, the Office of LGBTQ Resources (Swing Space), and the Office of International Student & Scholars.

*Condoms, lubricants, dental dams, and internal (female) condoms are available from our self-serve basket in Student Wellness at Yale Health, 55 Lock Street, 1st floor. For non-latex condoms or other specialty products, please contact the Health Educator at

Additional Tips to Remember:

  • Practice open communication with your partner. This includes discussing STI testing, sexual likes and dislikes, and safer sex supply use.

  • Avoid using alcohol or drugs before or during sex. This may decrease the likelihood of practicing safe sex.

  • Use lubrication to both reduce condom breakage and increase pleasure during sex.

  • Urinate before and after sexual intercourse. This may help limit the risk of a urinary tract infection (UTI).

  • Use a condom, internal (female) condom, and dental dam every time you have sex to reduce the risk of STIs.

  • Some students might become pregnant during their time at Yale, or worry that they have become pregnant.  If this happens, the best thing to do is to call Ob/Gyn at 203-432-0222 and ask to speak with a nurse, who can offer some immediate advice and can also set up an appointment with a clinician for a more extensive conversation, testing, and an examination.  If a student is pregnant, she will have choices to make; she will receive whatever support she needs.

  • If a student chooses to continue a pregnancy, she will be able to receive prenatal and obstetrics care through Yale Health if she has Yale Health Hospitalization/Specialty Care coverage.  If she has alternate insurance, she will have to get details from that company about her options for care. If a student chooses to end a pregnancy, Yale Health can arrange the referral for a termination procedure. This is covered for all Yale students with no copay required; it is part of Yale Health Basic coverage.

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