Yale Health

MHC Advisory Committees

Yale Health sponsors two student advisory committees to Mental Health and Counseling (MHC). Both meet regularly during the academic year. These committees work to enhance services and improve communications between MHC and Yale students. Members of both advisory committees invite your ideas and suggestions.

MHC Advisory Committee for Yale College

Michael Berry, michael.berry@yale.edu
Mari Kawakatsu, mari.kawakatsu@yale.edu
Sreeja Kodali, sreeja.kodali@yale.edu
Audrey Luo, audrey.luo@yale.edu

MHC Advisory Committee for Graduate & Professional Schools


Priscilla Ding, qinglan.ding@yale.edu
Walter Hsiang, walter.hsiang@yale.edu
Sean Massa, sean.massa@yale.edu
Kate Phillips, kate.phillips@yale.edu


Members of the Yale Health staff who participate on both committees:

Lorraine Siggins, Chief Pscychiatrist, MHC, lorraine.siggins@yale.edu
Paul Genecin, MD, Director, Yale Health, paul.genecin@yale.edu
Howard Blue, MD, MHC, howard.blue@yale.edu
Nadine Morandi, Associate Director for Patient Experience, nadine.morandi@yale.edu
Andrew Gotlin, MD, Chief, Student Health and Athletic Medicine, andrew.gotlin@yale.edu