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How is the Pharmacy working to improve my experience?

Bryan Cretella, PharmD discusses improvements at the Yale Health Center Pharmacy and some tips to get the best service.

How Can I keep My New Year's Resolution?

Alisa Scherban, RD helps you approach your resolution from a different perspective by setting SMART goals.

What Do My Cholesterol Numbers Mean?

Jin Xu, MD, internist at Yale Health explains total cholesterol, LDL and HDL and gives advice on what lifestyle choices you can make to get your numbers down or  keep them down.

What is Meningitis?

Andrew Gotlin, MD, Chief of Student Health and Athletic Medicine at Yale Health discusses viral and bacterial meningitis, the symptoms, how they are spread and what you con do for prevention.

How Do I Know When My Child is Ready for Toilet Training?

Joanne Burger, MD, pediatrician at Yale Health, discusses perparing your child for toilet training and how to go about it.

When Should I Come to Acute Care?

Roland Jermyn, MD, Acute Care Team Chief at Yale Health explains when a patient should utilize Acute Care, an appointment with their primary care clinician or go directly to the emergency department.

What is Web-Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

Borislav Meandzija, MD, chief of Behavioral Health at Yale Health, discusses web-based cognitive behavioral therapy, who might benefit from it and explains the process.

What is a Pharmacy Formulary?

James Porzio, RPh, MPharm explains what a pharmacy formulary is and how drugs are categorized into the different tiers.

What Are the Benefits of Physical Therapy?

Tom Brady, PA-C, Specialty Services, Yale Health, discusses the benefits of different types of phyical therapy and when a patient might need it.

Do Women Need to Have an Annual Gynecological Exam?

Leslie White, APRN, Obstertics & Gynecology, Yale Health, dicsusses women's preventive health and the need for periodic gynecological examinations.

What is a referral?

MaryBeth Massaro, account assistant, Referrals Department at Yale Health discusses the Yale Health referral process.

Childhood Immunizations

Childhood vaccinations one of the most successful public health achievements in modern history. Dr. Douglas Idelson discusses the importance of these vaccinations and risks unvaccinated children pose to the community. 

Why is Physical Activity Important?

Dr. Matt Lynch discusses the benefits of physical activity and ways to fit activity into your lifestyle.

Refill or Renewal - What's the Difference?

John Toth, pharmacist, discusses the difference between a prescription refill and a prescription renewal and how a Yale Health member should get these filled.

Are You Ready to Shovel Snow?

Dr. David Smith discusses the health risks and ways to avoid them when shoveling snow.

Nutrition Starts at the Grocery Store

Lisa Kimmel, registered dietician and certified nutrition discusses one of the first stops to eating a healthy diet, planning meals and filling your house with healthy food choices.

What has Yale Health done to prepare for Ebola?

Ellen Jenkin-Cappiello, registered nurse and health educator discusses how Yale Health has worked with partners throughout the University to prepare for Ebola.

What Should I Do If My Child Has a Stomach Bug?

Dr. Douglas Idelson discusses "stomach bug" symptoms and treatments for children of all ages.

Martha Asarisi, RPh

How Can I Remember to Take My Medications?

Martha Asarisi, pharmacist discusses hints and helpful tips for remembering to take your medicine and what to do if you forget to take it or can't remember if you took it or not.

Vanessa Jefferson, APRN, CDE, Internal Medicine

What Should I Know About Foot Care?

Vanessa Jefferson, APRN and certified diabetic educator, discusses the importance of proper foot care. Daily inspection, cleaning and care of any cuts are important steps in the care of your feet.

Aaron Calrk, DPT, Physical Therapy

When and How Should I Stretch?

Listen and learn about the basics of stretching, when, how and why you should stretch.

Delly Alcantara, MD, Internal Medicine

How Can I Avoid Dehydration?

Dr. Delly Alcantara discusses how to avoid dehydration, the symptoms of dehydration, and how much water you should drink daily.

Michael Goulet, PT, MHP, CRA, Manager, Laboratory

How Are Lab Services Provided at Yale Health?

As medicine advanced and more lab tests were being ordered, Yale Health decided to partner with Quest Diagnostics in 2006. Michael Goulet, PT, MHP, CRA, manager of the laboratory at the Yale Health Center, discusses how lab services are now provided to Yale Health patients.

Leslie White, APRN, Obstetrics & Gynecolocy

I'm Planning on Getting Pregnant, What Should I Do to Prepare?

If you are thinking about becoming pregnant, there are several things you should consider when trying to conceive. Leslie White, APRN, Obstetrics & Gynecology, gives advice how to prepare for becoming pregnant.


Why Would I be Admitted to Inpatient Care?

Learn the criteria for admission into Inpatient Care at the Yale Health Center along with information on the staff that cares for patients in the unit. Jonathan Weber, PA-C, discusses the benefits as you transition home. 


What is Included in a Comprehensive Eye Exam?

Dr. Susan Forster discusses the details of a comprehensive eye exam including when you should schedule an appointment to have your eyes examined.

Ann Marie Cirkot, RN, Health Education and Staff Development

How Do I Know if it's the Flu?

The cold and flu are both caused by respiratory viruses, but the flu can have more serious complications. Ann Marie Cirkot, RN, Health Education and Staff Promotion, describes flu symptoms and treatment options.

Christopher DeSanto, MD, Pediatrics

What is Pink Eye and How Can I Treat it?

Christopher DeSanto, MD, Pediatrics, explains the different types of pink eye and gives advice on how to treat it.

Joann Knudson, MD, Obstetrics & Gynecology

When Should I Get a Pap Test?

Joanne Knudson, MD, Obstetrics & Gynecology, talks about the guidelines for Pap testing as well next steps if your tests come back abnormal.

Ann Marie Cirkot, RN, Health Education and Staff Development

Why Should I Get a Flu Shot?

Flu season comes every year and you need to protect yourself against the influenza virus. Ann Marie Cirkot, RN, Health Education and Staff Promotion, discusses the importance of getting a flu shot.

Joseph Serio, PharmD, Pharmacy

How Do I Properly Dispose of My Unwanted Medications?

Do you have unused or expired medications?  Joseph Serio, PharmD, Pharmacy, gives advice on how to dispose of these medications properly.

Dr. Laurie Bridger, Internal Medicine

What Can I Do to Manage My Allergy Symptoms?

Dr. Laurie Bridger, Internal Medicine, offers some tips about how to reduce your exposure to allergens as well as medications available to help you deal with your symptoms.

Michael Goulet, PT, MHP, CRA, Manager, Diagnostic Imaging

What is the Difference Between a Radiologist and a Technologist?

Michael Goulet, PT, MHP, CRA, Manager, Diagnostic Imaging, explains the difference between a radiologist and technologist including who will give you the results of your images.

Dr. Christopher Bunick, Dermatology

How Can I Prevent and Treat Dry Skin?

Dr. Christopher Bunick, Dermatology, discusses a three-step approach to preventing dry skin as well as tips to treat dry skin.

Lisa Kimmel, RD, Being Well at Yale

How Can I be Successful Managing My Weight?

Lisa Kimmel, RD, Being Well at Yale, discusses strategies for successful weight management through sustainable lifestyle changes.

Dr. David Smith, Internal Medicine

What is White Coat Hypertension?

Dr. David Smith, Internal Medicine, discusses the phenomenon known as "white coat hypertension" as well as ways to be sure you are getting accurate blood pressure readings.

Michelle Brei, APRN, Pediatrics

Childhood Obesity

Michelle Brei, APRN, Pediatrics, discusses the growing problem of childhood obesity in America.  She shares some of the lifestyle factors that can lead to childhood obesity as well as some tips to help prevent it.

Helen Dzujna, PA-C, Internal Medicine

How Can I Clear Sinus Congestion?

Helen Dzujna, PA-C, Internal Medicine, shares at-home remedies for clearing sinus congestion including nasal sprays, neti pots and decongestants.

Fran Batesole, RN, Assistant Nurse Manager, Preventive Health

What Immunizations Should I Have as an Adult?

Fran Batesole, RN, Preventive Health, discusses which immunizations the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend for various adult age groups.

Tom Brady, PA-C, Specialty Services

How Can I Treat a Sprained Ankle?

Learn some simple techniques to treat a sprained ankle at home as well as how long ankle sprains last.  Tom Brady, PA-C, also discusses treatment options if you have had multiple ankle sprains.

Hannah Deck, APRN, Pediatrics

How Can I Keep My Kids Safe During the Summer?

Hannah Deck, APRN, offers some summer safety tips to help make sure you and your children have a fun and safe summer.

Peter Steere, RPh, MBA, Assistant Director, Pharmacy

What Are Generic Medications?

Peter Steere, RPh, MBA, discusses how medications become generic as well as how the Yale Health Pharmacy moves the medication along with its brand name to the appropriate tiers when a generic becomes available.

Christiane Nockels-Fabbri, PA-C, PhD, Internal Medicine

How Can I Prevent Tick Bites and Lyme Disease?

Christiane Nockels-Fabbri, PA-C, shares some tips for preventing tick bites and explains what to do if you find a tick on you.

James Laspino, RPh, Pharmacy

How to Read Your Prescription Label?

James Laspino, RPh, describes the information on your prescription label including the prescription number, medical record number and any warnings or directions for taking the medication.

Dr. Madeline Wilson, Chief of Internal Medicine

Patient-Centered Medical Home

Dr. Madeline Wilson discusses what it means for Yale Health to be recognized as a patient-centered medical home by the National Committee for Quality Assurance and how a patient-centered medical home operates.

Dr. Michael Rigsby, Medical Director

What is Yale Health?

Dr. Michael Rigsby gives an overview of Yale Health, not-for-profit, physician-led health plan that operates a medical center on the Yale campus

Cheryl Doebrick, PhD, Manager of Behavioral Health

Quitting Drinking Safely and Effectively

Cheryl Doebrick, PhD, shares advice on how to quit drinking, the withdrawal symptoms that may come along with quitting and the resources available to the Yale community.

Dr. Slawomir Mejnartowicz, Internal Medicine

How to Prevent Falls Among the Elderly?

Learn some simple tips that can help you prevent falls as you or your family members age.  Dr. Slawomir Mejnartowicz offers several inexpensive measures that you can take to remain safe.

Michelle Brei, APRN, Pediatrics

How Can I Keep My Kids Fit in the Winter?

Michelle Brei, APRN, talks about how to keep your children active during the cold winter months.  She also talks about expert recommendations regarding television, computer and video game usage.

Dr. Madeline Wilson, Chief of Internal Medicine

How Does Acute Care Work?

Dr. Madeline Wilson describes Yale Health's Acute Care Department including the services offered and how patients should utilize its services.

Dr. James Perlotto, Chief of Student Health

Sexually Transmitted Infections - Herpes

Dr. James Perlotto discusses one of the most common STIs including different types of herpes and how they are contracted.

Dr. Paul Genecin, Director

What is a Complete Physical Exam?

Dr. Paul Genecin describes a typical physical exam, guidelines for when you should get an exam as well as follow up exams or tests that may be needed.

Dr. James Perlotto, Chief of Student Health

Sexually Transmitted Infections - HPV

Dr. James Perlotto describes the symptoms of human papillomavirus (HPV), what tests are available as well as when someone should seek care from their primary care clinician.

Dr. Douglas Idelson, Chief of Pediatrics

When to Call Your Pediatrician

Dr. Douglas Idelson gives advice about when you should call your child's pediatrician based on parental instinct, your child's age and issues that require more prompt response.

Dr. James Perlotto, Chief of Student Health

Sexually Transmitted Infections - HIV

Dr. James Perlotto provides information on who is at risk, treatment options and describes the difference between being HIV-infected and being diagnosed with AIDS.

Dr. David Roth, Chief of Obstetrics & Gynecology

Your First Gynecological Exam

Dr. David Roth discusses when women should schedule their first gynecological exam, why the exams are important and what women should expect during the exam.

Dr. James Perlotto, Chief of Student Health

Sexually Transmitted Infections - Syphilis

Dr. James Perlotto gives a brief history of syphilis, the stages of the disease and how it is transmitted.

Dr. Ann Ross, Obestetrics & Gynecology

Understanding Perimenopause

Dr. Ann Ross discusses the signs and symptoms of perimenopause.

Dr. James Perlotto, Chief of Student Health

Sexually Transmitted Infections - Overview

Dr. James Perlotto gives an overview of sexually transmitted infections including prevention tips and treatment options.

Dr. David Roth, Chief of Obstetrics & Gynecology

What is a Pap Smear?

Dr. David Roth describes how a pap smear is done, who should get a pap smear and possible outcomes of a pap smear test.

Dr. James Perlotto, Chief of Student Health

Sexually Transmitted Infections - Gonorrhea and Chlamydia

Dr. James Perlotto talks about two of the most common sexually transmitted infections included the symptoms if left untreated as well as testing and treatment options.

Dr. Paul Genecin, Director

How to Prepare for a Complete Physical Exam

Dr. Paul Genecin discusses what you should do prior to your appointment for a physical exam.