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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a primary care clinician (PCC)?

Your primary care clinician is the medical professional who sees you regularly and who knows you best. Yale Health believes that a close relationship with a primary care clinician plays an essential role in providing efficient and personalized care.

Your primary care clinician is at the center of a team of dedicated healthcare professionals who work together to serve you. Your primary care clinician is also your access point for specialty care.

A primary care clinician is assigned to you upon enrollment in Yale Health. Female members are assigned a PCC in the Ob/Gyn Department as well as the Internal Medicine Department. Children are assigned a PCC in the Pediatrics Department.

If you would like to choose a different PCC, contact Member Services at 203-432-0246 to review the list of available clinicians.

How can I communicate with my PCC?

For non-acute problems we encourage you to use MyChart to communicate electronically with your PCC team. We will respond to your request within 48 hours, except when the office is closed. In addition, you can leave a phone message with our reception team.

What is a primary care team?

To ensure continuous access to care for our patients, the Internal Medicine Department has adopted a team approach. If your primary care clinician is unavailable, you will have access to other clinicians on your primary care team. All of your medical information is available to your primary care team via your electronic medical record.

The clinical care team consists of physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, registered nurse coordinators, medical assistants and clinical receptionists. Together this team will collaborate to provide the care you need, as well as to coordinate specialty care. You can contact the managers by email for non-emergency, administrative concerns at veronica.redente@yale.edu.

If you would like to choose a different PCC, contact Member Services at 203-432-0246 to review the list of available clinicians.

When should I have a physical exam?

We provide and encourage periodic examinations to review active health issues and make sure that recommended preventive care for your age (cancer screenings, cholesterol testing, etc.) is up to date. Physical exams are scheduled in accordance with our Adult Preventive Health Guidelines as outlined below. Annual examinations are only suggested for individuals over the age of 50:

Age under 40 years: Every 5 years

Age between 40 and 50: Every 2 years

Age 50 and older: Annually

We are happy to discuss preventive care at any visit.

What do I do if I have a need to see someone today but it is not an “acute" problem?

For advice about medical problems which are not acute during regular business hours and days, please contact Internal Medicine for adults 203-432-0038, Pediatrics for children at 203-432-0206, or Student Health for students and student dependents 203-432-0312. The nurse will give you home care advice or get you an appointment with your primary care team.

During evenings and weekends, please call Acute Care at 203-432-0123.

Which lab should I go to for my lab tests?

Yale Health contracts with Quest Diagnostic Services for lab services. You may have your testing performed at any of their locations in New England (Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island), as well as the facility located within the Yale Health Center. When your clinician requests lab tests, an electronic order will be placed with Quest for all lab work.

Click here to schedule your lab appointment online.

If you use a lab other than the Quest labs in New England (without prior authorization) it will not be covered by Yale Health and you will be billed for the services.

How can I get my lab test results?

Results will be communicated to you by the ordering clinician through the mail, through MyChart (a secure web-based clinician-patient communication tool), or via phone. 

Availability of test results varies with the type of test ordered. Please allow at least five business days for your test results to return and for the ordering clinician to review them.

If you have not heard from us about test results within two weeks, we encourage you to leave a message for your clinician to provide you with results.

The fastest way to get your lab results is to enroll in MyChart. Most lab results are released to your MyChart account 72 hours after the lab finalizes them.

Note: At this time, pathology reports are not automatically released by MyChart but may be released by your ordering clincian.

Do I have healthcare coverage when I am out of state?

Students: If you have taken Yale Health Hospitalization/Specialty Care coverage, you are covered outside of Connecticut for emergency care, acute care and pre-authorized short-term follow-up care. Please see the Terms of Coverage section of the Yale Health Student Handbook for details. If you have alternate insurance, you should check the specifics of that insurance.

Members: You are covered for emergency care when you are out-of-state.

An emergency medical condition is a sudden and severe condition, sickness or injury, including, but not limited to, severe pain, which would lead a prudent layperson including the parent or guardian of a minor child or the parent or guardian of a disabled individual possessing an average knowledge of medicine and health, to believe that failure to get immediate medical care could result in:

  • Placing one’s health in serious jeopardy
  • Serious impairment to a bodily function(s)
  • Serious dysfunction to a body part(s) or organ(s); or
  • In the case of a pregnant woman, serious jeopardy to the health of the unborn child.

What should I do if I have an emergency?

If you have a medical emergency, call 911. When possible, call Acute Care at 203-432-0123 before going to the hospital emergency department.  When you call and let us know you are going to the Emergency Department, a nurse can follow up on your care and make sure that your primary care clinician knows as well. If you are unable to call before you go, be sure to call the Referrals Department at 203-432-7397 within 48 hours of receiving care.

What happens if circumstances prevent me from contacting Yale Health within 48 hours?

If your condition prevents you or your representative from contacting the Referrals Department within 48 hours, you will still be covered for the emergency, but you should contact Referrals as soon as possible to ensure that Yale Health clinical staff is aware of your condition. Remember to carry your Yale Health card with you at all times.  It can provide valuable information if you can’t communicate.

What if my emergency requires follow-up care?

Short-term follow-up care with prior authorization will be covered. Yale Health clinical staff will assist in coordinating follow-up care, if needed. For assistance with prior authorization, call the Referrals Department at 203-432-7397.