Pharmacy / Prescriptions

Contact and Hours




203-436-4251 (for clinician offices only)


Academic Hours through Memorial Day Monday - Friday 8:00 am-6:30 pm Saturday 8:30 am-3:30 pm


The Yale Health Pharmacy is staffed by pharmacists who work closely with Yale Health clinicians to assure that the safest and most effective drug therapies are prescribed.

Yale Health Pharmacy Benefit

Faculty, staff, and dependents can click below for information about their Yale Health Pharmacy benefit:

The Yale Health Pharmacy is not a retail pharmacy and cannot accept manufacturer’s coupons or manufacturer’s copay cards.

If you have any questions about your medications our pharmacists are available to speak with you in person or by phone by calling 203-432-0033.

Our Staff


  • Peter Steere, RPh, MBA

Senior Operations Manager

Clinical Manager

  • David Brzozowski, RPh, MPharm

Program Development Manager

  • John Toth, RPh, BS


  • John Florentino, RPh, PharmD

  • James Laspino, RPh, BS

  • Anita Lipke, RPh, PharmD

  • William Narducci, RPh, BS

  • James Porzio, RPh, MPharm

  • Joseph Serio, RPh, PharmD

  • Carmen Suedmeier, RPh, BS, CDE

Pharmacy Technicians

  • Carol Blum

  • William Boeher

  • Meghan Couden

  • Christine Dicostanzo

  • Phyllis Hottin

  • M'Ballou F Kane

  • Christina Martindale

  • Jessenia Matos

  • Kaela Moscariello

  • Naseeba Nasr

  • Ariel Perez

  • Kaila Robinson