Patient Partner Opportunities

At Yale Health we know that you, our patients, know us best. Your insight and perspective is invaluable to us. We hope that you will consider applying to join us as we work together for a better Yale Health. There are opportunities to become a member of our Patient & Family Council or to become a “patient partner” on one of our project work groups.

The purpose of the Patient & Family Council is to be a resource for Yale Health in matters pertaining to the relationship between patients, patients’ families, and Yale Health staff and operations. The council members work together, at the request of Yale Health leadership, to promote, review and advise on operational processes and programs that address the needs of patients and families.

The council also facilitates discussion regarding health care services within the context of Yale Health and the greater health care environment. Patients and family members also have an advisory role in providing feedback on relevant projects undertaken by Yale Health.

The goals of the Patient & Family Council are:

  1. To promote the principles of patient-provider partnership and patient/family-centered care at Yale Health

  2. To provide and communicate the unique perspective of the patient and family to the clinical and administrative leaders and staff at Yale Health

  3. To provide advice, consultation, evaluation and recommendations, when solicited, regarding programs, educational efforts, and operational initiatives that affect patients and families at Yale

The council plans on evening meetings five to six times during the year (September-June) and is asking anyone who is interested to commit to attending at least four meetings. 

The Patient & Family Council is open to Yale staff & faculty who are Yale Health members and their family members who are Yale Health members. We are working to develop alternate advisory groups specifically for Yale students.

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Yale Health Patient & Family Council 2016-2017

Patient and family council members
Missing from photo: Nandi Cummings, Ada Fenick, and Didi Miranda

Pamela Bloomfield

Yale University affiliation: Student Services Coordinator, Yale School of Divinity.

Pamela is a co-chair of the Working Women’s Network Mentoring Committee. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and an MA. Ed. degree in Education. With a background in teaching, Pamela has always been passionate about mentoring students and channeling them to invigorating experiences in their personal and professional careers. Her interests lie in diversification of resources for patients and supporting their needs. Pam enjoys traveling, spending time with her family, and working on her first book.

Yale Health member for 24 years.

Nandi Cummings        

Yale University affiliation: Senior Administrative Assistant, Office of Federal Relations.

Nandi is a member of Yale Sustainability Leaders and currently pursuing a master’s degree in Management and Organizational Leadership.  She is interested in educating Yale Health members about plan design and the benefits that Yale Health offers.  She enjoys gardening, the company of her three dogs and her husband along with her son’s gymnastics.  

Yale Health member for 3 years.


Frederick De Pourcq

Yale University affiliation: Senior Research Compliance Auditor, Yale Medicine

Fred has worked in clinical research administration and compliance at the Yale School of Medicine for the past 19 years. Presently, he is a senior research compliance auditor at Yale Medicine. His interests lie with asthma management as well as caregiver support for patients with chronic pulmonary diseases. Fred is passionate about mental health services for young adults and LGBTQ community issues. He has expertise with clinical research administration and data information systems (EPIC) and the tie-in with various mobile applications.

Yale Health member for 19 years.


Ada Fenick, MD

Yale University affiliation: Associate Professor of Pediatrics (General Pediatrics); Associate Medical Director, Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital Pediatric Primary Care Center.

Ada serves on several Yale-New Haven Hospital committees and was formerly a member of the Yale Health Member Advisory Committee. She is interested in understanding how patients like herself act and react, how we stay well and manage illness.  She is passionate about making sure that all patients have the tools they need for self-management. She enjoys hiking, knitting and good literature.

Yale Health member for 12 years.


Margaret Gilshannon

Yale University affiliation: Director of Finance and Administration, Yale School of Medicine, Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation

Margaret serves on a number of committees both at the University and Yale School of Medicine. She is familiar with the Puget Sound Health Partners HMO model of care, having moved from the West coast several years ago. She is interested in care to children with chronic or ongoing medical issues, care of adolescents and all issues related to adoption and adoptive families.

Yale Health member for 3 years.

Beth Hodshon, JD, MPH, RN

Yale University affiliation: Project Director, Yale Center for Healthcare Innovation, Redesign & Learning (CHIRAL)

In her current role, Beth focuses on identifying and improving patient safety issues surrounding transitions of care. Beth has a law degree (JD) and a Master of Public Health (MPH, Health Policy and Management) degree as well as a Bachelor of Science (Nursing) degree. She has chaired both the Domestic Violence Advocacy Council and University of North Carolina - Wilmington Nursing Alumni Association.

Yale Health member for 7 years.

Charles Hurst

Yale University affiliation: Research assistant, Yale School of Medicine, New Haven Lexinome Project  

Charles has been a member of Yale Health during many life changes over 35 years and is particularly interested in staff morale and satisfaction.  Charles has a variety of interests including antiques (especially old cars, bicycles, watches), photography, polishing rocks and wire-wrapping them into pendants, hiking, travel, exercise (body weight, interval training, kick-boxing), simple furniture building and refinishing, auto maintenance and simple mechanical repairs up to engine rebuilding.

Yale Health member for 35 years.

Zhaowu Luo

Yale University affiliation: Spouse of a Yale employee

Zhaowu has a Ph.D. in Multimodal Human-Computer Interaction, University of Yamanashi and is fascinated by the core value of patient-centered care empowered by new technologies, concepts, ideas and efficient communication in a timely manner. Zhaowu is excited to bring his experience as a computer professional to the diverse community of Yale Health. He values both the excellent service that the Yale Health doctors and staff provide and the importance of the patient voice in a successful healthcare system, and is determined to make contributions to its healthy growth.  

Yale Health member for 7 years.


Carolyn Marks

Yale University affiliation: International Operations & Compliance Manager, Office of the General Counsel

Carolyn is a member of the University’s International Operations and Compliance Committee, providing support to those within the Yale community who are engaged in international activities. Carolyn has extensive international experience, having lived in Russia for many years and worked for the aid and development organization “Save the Children.”  She would like to improve patients’ awareness of their role in healthcare decisions and see that resources are made available to patients, so they may engage more constructively in decision-making.

Yale Health member for 5 years.

Diane (Didi) Miranda

Yale University affiliation: Financial Analyst, Faculty Research Management Services

Didi is the co-chair of Yale University’s Working Women’s Network, as well as a member of the Latino Networking Group and Yale Benefits Advisory Team. She loves working with people. She would like to focus on new programs or improvements to encourage patients to take on a more active role in improving their health for themselves and their family.

Yale Health member for 15 years.

Camille Parente

Yale University affiliation:  Tour Coordinator and Senior Administrative Assistant, Yale Center for British Art

Camille is a member of Joint Departmental Committee (JDC), Action Planning Morale Committee and is a Local 34 Union steward. Camille has previous experience working for Wesleyan University, providing her a unique perspective when looking at Yale Health. She is interested in providing patients more choice regarding medical decisions. She enjoys art, photography, creative writing, and debating.

Yale Health member for 3 and a half years.

Carol Poling

Yale University affiliation: Spouse of a retired employee

Carol served on the Alumni Board of Directors and Board of Trustees for Ohio Wesleyan University. As a former educator in the public school system and in independent school settings, she also served on numerous school committees as both educator and parent. Carol’s experience with health care in other states enables her to reflect on and compare the medical services she has received at Yale Health. From personal experience, she understands the critical importance of supporting patients both physically and emotionally. Carol’s interests include literacy for children and adults, gardening, and knitting.

Yale Health member for 24 years.

Melissa Perna

Yale University affiliation:  Business Manager, Yale New Haven Health System; spouse of an employee

From her operational role at Yale-New Haven Health, Melissa brings her knowledge of health care industry trends, payment reform and consumer driven health care. Melissa understands the challenges of balancing health care costs while delivering patient focused care. She is a concerned and involved parent who looks to Yale Health to support her family in their health and wellness needs.

Yale Health member for 6 years.

Michael Wagner

Yale University affiliation: Evening/Weekend Manager of Access Services, Center for Science and Social Science Information

Michael is the co-chair of the Yale Veterans Network and an active volunteer for the Office of International Students and Scholars. Michael is an advocate of Yale Health’s style of community-based HMO; in fact, he wrote his master’s thesis on the subject. He believes that meaningful and effective patient education is very important, especially concerning how our system works for members with cultural and language differences. He enjoys family activities, photography, gardening, and making hiking sticks.

Yale Health member for 7 years.

Paul Genecin, MD

Yale University affiliation: Director, Yale Health

Education: BA: Princeton University, 1977; MD: Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, 1983. Intern/Resident: Internal Medicine, Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center. Fellowship: Digestive Diseases, Yale University School of Medicine.

Professional Affiliations/Certification: Diplomate, American Board of Internal Medicine; Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine, Yale University School of Medicine; Attending Physician, Yale New Haven Hospital.

At Yale Health since 1989

Catherine (Katie) Kelly

Yale University affiliation: Manager, Member Services and Communications

Education: BA: Southern Connecticut State University, 1996

Katie has 17 years of experience in Yale Health’s Member Services Department and is a specialist in benefits, coverage, eligibility, and enrollment for employees and students. 

She enjoys spending time with her husband and dog, as well as hiking, skiing, and the beach.  

At Yale Health since 1998

Cynthia Negron, MD

Yale University affiliation:
Clinician, Ob/Gyn, Yale Health

Education: BS: Oberlin College, 1981; MD: Tufts University School of Medicine, 1985
Intern: Framingham Union Hospital; Resident: Obstetrics and Gynecology, Saint Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital

Professional Affiliations/Certification: Diplomate: American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology; Clinical instructor, Ob/Gyn, Yale University School of Medicine.

The most important aspect of providing care is getting patients to play an active role in their health. Getting patients to partner with their health care providers is key.

At Yale Health since 1997

Peter Steere, RPh

Yale University affiliation: Associate Director, Yale Health, Director, Pharmacy and Medication Management, Patient-Centered Innovation

Education: BS, Pharmacy Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, 1986

MBA: Healthcare Admininstration/Marketing, Western New England College, 1995

Pete is responsible for Yale Health’s pharmacy program and for its Member Services department.

At Yale Health for 12 years.