Yale Health

About Mental Health & Counseling

Who is eligible?

Every eligible Yale student enrolled at least half time in a Yale degree program is eligible for counseling at Mental Health & Counseling completely free of charge regardless of whether they have waived Yale Health Hospitalization/Specialty Care coverage.

Consultations, counseling, psychotherapy, and crisis intervention are available to all students and to eligible spouses and civil union partners.  A referral is not needed and appointments can be made by phone and or in person for an initial consultation.

Is there a variety of approaches amongst the clinicians?

The Mental Health & Counseling Center has approximately 28 therapists who are all trained in multiple specialties and approaches to treatment. This staff includes psychologists, psychiatrists, and social workers. Psychiatrists are always available and can prescribe medication if necessary.

How does MHC address diversity issues?

Mental Health and Counseling provides compassionate care and service to all students and are sensitive to issues of race, gender, gender identity, sexual preference, ethnicity, first to attend college, and religious background. During the 2015-2016 academic year approximately 30% of students seeking care in MHC were members of an ethnic or racial minority. This year, 40% of our MHC staff identify as belonging to an ethnic or racial minority. An atmosphere of inclusion and the appreciation of diversity are core values in Mental Health and Counseling. 

What about confidentiality?

Mental Health & Counseling records for Yale students are separate from other medical records, are excluded from the electronic medical record, and are kept in a locked room in Mental Health & Counseling.

Mental Health & Counseling will not release information about a patient to anyone including Heads of College, Deans, parents, family, friends, coaches, employers, or the government without your permission.

Everything discussed with a mental health clinician is held in strictest confidence and is not communicated to anyone without your permission, except in the rare instance of a life-threatening situation.

Can I seek counseling outside of Yale Health?

Yale Health does not cover counseling outside of the Yale Health Center. If you have private insurance that covers such care and/or you want to be seen more than once per week over a long period of time we can help you connect with an outside clinician.

How can I communicate feedback about my experience?

We welcome your feedback, both positive and negative about your experience as we are interested in making Yale Health work better for you. The more specific your comments the more helpful they will be in our efforts to maintain and improve the quality of staff and services. You can contact the department manager, use our online comment card, a paper comment card (available throughout the building) or email Member Services (member.services@yale.edu).